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Friday, June 24, 2016

Seat Belt Cushions Serve Many Purposes

Our local Breast Cancer Coalition offers their clients seat belt cushions to use. We were honored when they asked that we make a batch of 20 for them. Sadly, the supply ran out fairly quickly so we made more.
These are great when it comes to protecting the surgical scars post mastectomy or any incision in the area. More important, they protect the PIC line [IV access port] for those folks undergoing chemo therapy or long term antibiotics. 
These padded cylinders which are secured with strips of Velcro wrap around the seat belt strap and protect the tender skin of the neck from the constant rubbing of the strap. As often happens, I start making items at the request of customers so a few years ago I began making them with kids in mind. Right now, in my car, we have Olaf, Angry Birds, Star Wars and Lacrosse Sticks. An eclectic mix my four little ones. Go figure.
Please remember, if you don't see a color or pattern or theme that matches your style or color of car interior, tell me what you like, I'll make them.
At the sides of this post are a few of the latest cushions I made this week.
email me at: KatsKarryAlls2@aol.com
Happy summer


  1. Wish I'd had an opportunity to buy one of these for my friend before she passed. We did MANY road trips together for our books and had to deal with the fleecy kind of seatbelt protectors.