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Our New Logo
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Sunday, February 12, 2017

This inept photographer is adding updated pictures of new  additions to the stock at Kat's Kustom Karry-Alls and Aprons With Attitude.
REMEMBER:  we make [or remake] items to custom order. Right now [mid-February 2017] I'm adding a cross body strap to one of the padded phone sacs. 
It's not unusual for me to tear an existing item apart in order to remake it into something that appeals to any given customer.
Hey--it never hurts to ask! 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Upcoming Shows, Spring 2017

Here's where we're going to be for the next couple months:

  1. Saturday, 2/11/17 10am--6pm Village Gate, Rochester NY

  2. Saturday, 3/25/17 10am--5pm Auburn Mall, Auburn NY

  3. Saturday, 4/1/17 8am--3pm Solvay Fire Center, Solvay NY

  4. Friday, 4/7/17 4pm--8pm Church of the Bells, Camillus NY
  5. Saturday, 4/8/17 9am-3pm Church of the Bells, Camillus NY

  6. Saturday, 4/15/17 10am--5pm Auburn Mall, Auburn NY

  7. Saturday, 6/10/17 10--5pm Keuka Arts Festival, Pen Yan NY
  8. Sunday, 6/11/17 10--4pm Keuka Arts Festival, Pen Yan NY

Friday, June 24, 2016

Seat Belt Cushions Serve Many Purposes

Our local Breast Cancer Coalition offers their clients seat belt cushions to use. We were honored when they asked that we make a batch of 20 for them. Sadly, the supply ran out fairly quickly so we made more.
These are great when it comes to protecting the surgical scars post mastectomy or any incision in the area. More important, they protect the PIC line [IV access port] for those folks undergoing chemo therapy or long term antibiotics. 
These padded cylinders which are secured with strips of Velcro wrap around the seat belt strap and protect the tender skin of the neck from the constant rubbing of the strap. As often happens, I start making items at the request of customers so a few years ago I began making them with kids in mind. Right now, in my car, we have Olaf, Angry Birds, Star Wars and Lacrosse Sticks. An eclectic mix my four little ones. Go figure.
Please remember, if you don't see a color or pattern or theme that matches your style or color of car interior, tell me what you like, I'll make them.
At the sides of this post are a few of the latest cushions I made this week.
email me at: KatsKarryAlls2@aol.com
Happy summer

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

New Additions to Our Store

We have two new clutch style purses and couldn't be more excited. 

The first is a quilted clutch with wristlet strap in black adorned with teal braid.

The second is a fold-over clutch, wristlet strap, done in a gold tapestry.

Both are priced for sale at less than $10.00.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Latest Totes For Sale

In addition to the load of embroidered denim we turned into aprons as you'll see below, we also have a few new totes to show off. One is a chevron print tapestry. Another is an embroidered orange brocade which began it's life as a pillow. The third is the first of our Vest Series. Made from a vest and mounted on canvas.
Hope you enjoy.

newest additions to the shelves

We were recently gifted with several large pieces of embroidered denim . . . absolutely lovely. All deserved to be turned into aprons, so here they are--adult and children's sizes.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Items Added to Stock

We have added new items to stock and enhanced the ongoing supply of totes and aprons.
Here they are . . .

Jewelry Caddies. In your choice of brocade or calico. These items are well padded for safety and comfort and offer a number of different size pockets which are closed with either zippers or Velcro tabs. The brocade caddies offer a ring finger. If you have a particular color or print in mind, tell us, we'll make it for you. Price:  --$9.95--15.00

Credit Card Wallets. These wallets have three pockets and will hold up to six credit cards or ID's. We have a variety of fabric choices, Tell us what you like. Price--$4.00

Seat Belt Cushions. These padded tubes fold around the seat belt and protect the tender skin of your neck against chafing, These are well padded and are closed with strips of Velcro. We've started making them to custom order [see the picture on this side for the customer who wanted something to go with her white car and black interior]  Price--$7.50; 2/$12.00

Child's Apron. The pictures are the latest to come in and they are darling. As always the hems are generous and will fit that little girl, or guy, in your life up to age 9 or 10 without trouble. Price:  $15.00, $17.50 with coordinating chef's hat.

Table Runners. The items shown are a heavy duty creamy yellow cotton with coordinating garden sign prints. These particular runners come in two sizes, 13 X 42 and 13 X 68;  [$20.00 or less]  We also have coordinating solid napkins available at a price of $5.00/set of 4. 

Tote Bags. Here are a few new additions to stock available. All are priced at less than $20.00