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Our New Logo

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Cosmetics Bags

When I have leftover fabric, and I often do, I turn it into zippered bags; they serve a multitude of needs: keep cosmetics in one secure place, medications, toiletries for traveling safely, spare coins, extra business cards, golf tees, bingo chips. You name it, my bags can do it for you!

The Pinks and Grays
The Reds 
The Blues and Purples

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Credit Card Wallet

This is the perfect option for that woman who loathes carrying a bulky, heavy tote--or that busy mom who's trying to shop while riding herd on little ones--of any size.

As you see, it holds an ID, a few credit cards and a bit of paper money--and those business cards we always seem to pick up. 
It fits easily into a front--or back pocket. 

Hands free. Easy Peasey!!

FMI on price and shipping deets, contact me at 

Sunday, May 10, 2020

A Few More Run Around Options

Here we go with three more Run Around Bags:

Many of our bags are fashioned out 
of previously used fabrics. The Elephant
Run Around is made from a maxi skirt. 
8 x 10 inches, zipper closure, 40 inch strap, 
and two inside pockets and coordinating
coin purse. $9,95 + S&H

Elephant Run Around

Red Butterflies on White.
Also available in yellow, blues and hot pink. 8 x 10, a small piece of bling, top zipper closure with a 40 inch strap and matching cosmetics bag. $9.95 + S&H. 
Kittens in a Garden on a [formerly] denim skirt is one of a kind. 8 x 10 inches, top zipper closure, a tiny bit of 
bling, two inside pockets and matching coin purse. $9.95 + S&H

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Run Around Bags

We have something new to show off:  The Run Around Bag. 

Ranging from 8x10 inches to 9x11 inches, all feature a bit of bling, top zipper closure, 40 inch shoulder strap, 2 inside pockets and a coordinating or matching cosmetics bag or coin purse. Unless otherwise marked, all are washable. 

This is particularly darling. At first it looks like a group of green-eyed cats. When you look closer they are actually outlines. Made from washable cotton, this is a great graduation gift for that person who loves cats. Got an 8th grade graduation coming up? 

Who doesn't love penguins? I've  been fascinated with them for years so when I found this fabric, I snapped it up.

Last we have Dark blue batiks and cosmetics bag. 
this is one of a kind, the only one in this fabric choice in the store. It will go fast.

FMI on pricing, S&H, fabric care, contact me at:  KatsKarryAlls2@aol.com

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

We Make Face Masks

Need a mask for that quick trip to the store or post office?
We are here for you!!

The masks are free to those who need them though we won't turn down reimbursement for postage or the ribbon used for the ties. We will ship or deliver in the Western New York area, the Buffalo-Rochester-Syracuse corridor. 

Butterflies are one of those prints we can't pass by without buying. We've got them in many different colors.  

Florals and sports are another prints we can't ignore. Unfortunately until the Stay At Home rule is lifted, our supply is limited.

Got a fisherman in your life? We do and we've got four of these babies ready to go to a good tackle box.

Who can resist red lips coming at you? Not us.
And, for our Irish friends we have this one print to offer. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

The effects of Covid-19

As with everyone else, we're under quarantine and practicing social distancing. Bricks and mortar fabric stores are closed of course so it's essential to depend on the stash of stuff we've accumulated over the years--which all in all isn't a bad thing.
Just ask my husband. Heh heh.
But the rules still in effect right now state any show I had planned to do are no longer available to me, meaning two local farmers markets which in the last few years have been very lucrative.
That leaves me with two options:  make items from what I have on hand--and resort to selling on-line. Twitter and Instagram are soon to be my two BFF's.
Here are some of the latest creations:

All of these are one of a kind, meaning I probably won't be able to find this same prints again. In essence, they are first come first served. Each totes [the ones seen above] come with a zipper closure, straps long enough to hang off the shoulder, and a piece of decorative jewelry. Depending on size, prices range from $15 to $25 plus S&H--though if you live in the Western New York area, along the Buffalo--Rochester--Syracuse corridor--I'll deliver it to you. Contact me at:  KatsKarryAlls2@aol.com    

Friday, June 22, 2018

New Additions to the Store--Tote Bags

We've been sewing up a storm--out of necessity.
Here are a few new tote bags we have available:

 This is a fabulous option for the beach or playing tourist. 13 inches tall; 21 inches wide with a zipper closure. It is fully lined with a cute hot pink cotton print and comes with a matching cosmetics bag. Price:  $25.00
 This is the perfect tote for a crafter. It is a roomy 16 X 16 inches with a button closure at the top for easy access to items. The handle is extra strong to 'tote' all your stuff. It comes with a coordinating "tool" kit for knitting needles and crochet hooks and small scissors. Price:  $20.00
 A cute carry-all option for lovers of elephants as well as an Asian influence. It is lined with sturdy cotton-canvas and measures 15" wide by 11" tall. Price:  $20.00

This is a gorgeous tote with a teal and gold print cotton overlying a black cotton tote with a cute vintage daisy pin. It has a zipper closure and sturdy cotton braid shoulder straps. Price: $25.00

Isn't this the cutest thing? We couldn't pass this one up. Closure is buyer's choice, zipper or button. 14" wide x 16" tall. 6 outside pockets for cell phone, sunglasses, keys etc. This one is fully lined.  We'll add a coordinating cosmetics bag for $20.00.